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April 01, 2008


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O...kay, this has got to be one of the grossiest but creativest blog posts I've seen in a while! I hope your doggie's doggie doos become firm soon!

*Sighs* *pushes my lunch away*

OMG. NSFW!!!!!

OMG that is the most precious picture ever. To be honest I didn't read the gross song. I just love the picture. :)

*sighs* Welcome to the realm of doggyhood. Poor baby. Have you made chicken and rice for him? That usually helps.

uh...you could have warned me not to eat my lunch while reading this. ugh!

are you sure he's not eating the cat food? Cause that's a sure cause of *I can't spell it* in puppies!

No warning?! EWWWWWWW! I'll go throw up now.

P.S. In case your vet didn't let you know, a diet of cooked rice for a couple of days is awesome food for dogs who have diarrhea.

Ah, the good old days of puppyhood. Brewster didn't have diarrhea so much as an issue with vomiting. He'd throw up at least once a day, sometimes twice a day. It got so I'd keep an eye on him and when he started gagging, I'd grab him and run for the door.

Enjoy it while it lasts :-)

ALLLLI!!!! I was eating an apple when I read this!!! EEWWW!!! GROSSSS!!! but that picture of Colin. *25* on my heart! Pooor thing, I wannna hold him.

my puppies had the exact same problem!! luckily you had grass, cuz i was cleaning the sidewalk as if it was a kitchen countertop.

our lifesaver came in a specific brand of dog food called 'id', found at the vet's. you'll be able to pick up the shit and crack it in half. ;)

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